Organic Products Are The Way To Go in 2020

During an unprecedented health crisis like the one we are in, you realise the things that really matter in life, paying close attention to and improving your health.

Organic products (including natural wine of course) are the way to go in this new life we face where health & well-being matter more than anything else.

Natural and organic produce sales are currently skyrocketing and can you take a guess why? People are starting to give a shit about their health. To back that up the word ’immunity’ has seen a 27% increase in Google searches since February.

There has never been a better time to drink wine without added chemicals.

Take Care of Your Health

It’s pretty simple nutrition matters. Safety matters. If ever we as a society needed a wake-up call reminding us of what really matters, it’s now. Think about it, taking care of your health in today’s world is pretty simple, it’s safer and a more nutritional alternative. There are new and improving organic products reaching the market every day due to the growing demand.

There are no more excuses when Sainsbury’s sells organic grapes.

Increase in Organic Product Demand

Do you remember when white batch bread was the only option in your kitchen cupboard, fast forward five years and now it’s fresh sourdough or nothing at all? Well, that’s the kind of increase in popularity we’re seeing for natural products at the moment.

I dug a little deeper into the topic and interviewed Alex & Maria Koppitsch, natural wine producers, from Burgenland. I asked them where did they see the natural wine movement in ten years considering the ever-growing demand each year, ”I see natural wine everywhere. Leading to a change of terms, wine will stand for natural wine” replied Alex, ”many conventional winemakers will convert to organic farming… People have had enough of industrialized food & drinks”

The Millenial Effect

The millennial generation truly understands the organic meaning, and we have had encouraging effects on the industry so far. Let’s be honest the world that’s been left to us is something to be very grateful for, but the previous generations have left it in a sorry state and we’re here to change that.

Pull the Cork recently spoke on the millennial effect with quite an empowering feel to it, ”it’s not just their health that lies in the balance, but the health of the planet…makes them very aware of their eating and drinking habits” and I couldn’t agree more on that one guys @pullthecork!

For full access to the article click here.

Online Retailers Are The Way Foreward

Online retailers in the UK and US are reporting high sales in growth since the new year. According to Katy Askew from, Abel & Co reported a 25% increase in sales orders. Organic foods delivery is the future, not to mention social distancing measures could be in place for a further year due to health & safety measures. Which means ques will exist for longer, patience will get shorter, bricks and mortars will become a thing of the past.

Save yourself the stress and buy that bottle of French rosé you’ve been wanting at an online natural wine store.

Healthier Wine with Less Additives

To clear a few things up for you, natural wines that have sulfur in them will not damage your health in the grand scheme of things. What little amounts of sulfur are in there, are because most wines are exported abroad, the added sulfur prevents the wine from refermenting in transit. And no, it’s not the added sulfur that’s made you ill the next day with a banging headache, it’s all of the flavour additives and chemicals in your £3.50 bottle of wine.

Biodynamic wine is healthier for you, the zero additive approach practised by the producer benefits both you and the producer. They get to sleep at night with a guilt-free conscience knowing they’ve added no body-harming chemicals to their work and you’re making a conscious effort to improve your physical well-being, a win-win scenario if you ask me.

So when you consider what’s currently going on in the world, we all have to be a lot more consciously aware of our food and drink intake i.e where it comes from & how nutritional it is for you etc. Opting for the organic option is the only real way, in my opinion, we can make a difference to our overall well-being and that’s what matters most right now.

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