Here’s Why You Need a Natural Wine Monthly Subscription

If you were out in a restaurant or a bar you would trust your waiter/bartender to carefully hand pick your wine for the night right?

Of course you would, because they are the professional (most of the time) in the field of selecting wines and they know what they’re doing.

Now in terms of a natural wine monthly subscription, it’s that same trust that’s required between yourself and the supplier who is also a professional in that field.

Switch the location setting from an expensive night out at a restaurant or bar to the comfort of your own home. The supplier you chose to go with can guarantee you an even better experience over that bottle of wine and that’s a fact.

I mean who doesn’t relish a great quality glass of wine to finish the night? Here’s a few more reasons why a monthly subscription to a natural wine supplier might just be for you;

The Convenience of Delivery

Having anything delivered to your house in a Covid-19 kinda climate is a blessing and certainly the number one alternative to going out shopping in person. (If you’re still a bit paranoid about leaving the house then these subscriptions are right up your street!)

Now picture that delivery being not one, not two, but three-plus bottles of bangin’ natural wines…

A monthly subscription to a natural wine supplier in your country or city would be a great alternative for those of you who are interested in but have no idea where to start with natural wines.

Save Those Pennies Where You Can!

There’s no denying COVID-19 hit us as a society quite badly, I mean it really blindsided us in so many different ways. Jobs were lost, anxiety levels hit the rough and most of all our bank accounts took a major blow. ( Well mine did anyway…yikes!)

Treating yourself to a boujee bottle of wine on the weekends is a pre-COVID luxury, you need to cut your costs where you can and save those pennies! Thankfully, that’s where a monthly subscription steps into the picture, natural wine producers and suppliers know all too well about saving money and cutting costs.

Each months edition will be designed not only to bring you a unique variety of wines from all across the globe but to save money and get you as much value for money as possible.

Gain Yourself a Hobby

Drinking clean natural wines, researching the winemaker and then exploring similar, yet different wines to the one you’ve just drunk is super fun and very satisfying once you get the hang of it.

Treat it as a form escapism.

Which you, most of all deserve. Considering you’ve been doing the same boring routine over and over again throughout the lockdown (as we all have, don’t feel too bad)

That little bit of escapism however way you exercise it, be it daily or weekly might just manifest naturally into a new hobby of some sort. Not only is it a special experience tasting these juicy flavour-packed wines, but because the labels 9 out of 10 times are really bespoke and very unique they themselves turn into collectables and then it begins…

There’s definitely worse hobbies out there, like bottle cap collecting.

Diversify Your Palate

This one goes out to the so called ‘wine masters’ of this world who only drink big bodied Cab Sauvs, the noobs who haven’t got a clue about natural wine and everyone else in-between ;

Add some spice to your life, mix it up a little bit, step out of your comfort zone just do something different. Change is good and that especially applies for your sensations number one factor, taste.

Think of it this way, when you are getting 3-12 bottles of different wines delivered to your front door each month it’s not just that you get to enjoy such liquids in the comfort of your own home, or the fact that you’re saving yourself min. 15% of each bottle, but your diversifying your palate with every last bottle you try.

Even if some of the wines aren’t particularly your cup of tea the sheer fact that you’re introducing something new and fresh to your system every month is super gratifying and I couldn’t recommend it anymore, seriously!!

My Call To Action For You

Surely you’re nearly sold on the whole natural wine thing by now? If that’s the case and you are remotely interested in improving your knowledge on all things natural wine related or you just want a few bottles of wine dropped to your house every month, definitely look into a monthly subscription.

They are so convenient and beneficial for anybody who’s keen,I just can’t stress it enough to be honest, to give you a head start here’s a couple of my personal favourite online suppliers based in the UK with some great subscription offers;

Low Intervention Wines.

Buon Vino.

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