Natural Wine Is Here To Stay, Heres Why

The example you’re about to get on shop-bought conventional wine is exactly why natural wine is here to stay!

Do you ever think about the number of chemicals in that glass of wine you had last night from Tesco?

Ben Panko from SmithsonianMag adds to the topic,

Most people don’t realise how much chemistry goes into making a product that is supposedly just grapes and yeast

Or just once, have you stopped and wondered how exactly that bottle of wine you’re drinking right now cost near enough the same price as a bottle of water??

Of course you haven’t, it’s too good of a price to doubt…right?

Wrong. You know as well as I do that when something feels like it’s too good to be true, usually it is exactly that and you may not figure that out initially but it will register in the long term believe me.

Natural wine is grapes & yeast, just.

It’s that simple really.

And although the main supporting argument against natural wine is the fact that it’s ”expensive” and ”overpriced” I just have to disagree with them arguments.

With an average price of £20-£30 per bottle, I think that’s bargain for what you’re getting.

Think of it, you’re getting a bottle of wine that has been cultivated in the most ethical and transparent way possible by an independent winemaker who really gives a shit about the final product.

Zero body harming chemicals.

Zero animal intestines used to filter the wine.

Little to no hangovers (obviously pending on how many bottles you put back the night before).

Natural wine is grapes & yeast, just.

You see what I’m getting at when I say £20-£30 is a bargain now?

Transparency is key

The natural wine industry is unbelievably transparent from top to bottom;

From your legendary winemakers like Frank Cornelissen of Mount Etna appearing on Youtube and Instagram giving us multiple hours of valuable content on his winemaking methods and life influences.

To your local natural wine shop owners such as Caroline Dubois from Isca in Levenshulme, Manchester who are more than happy to educate you at the drop of a hat on any wild questions you have surrounding this beautiful industry.

Caroline Dubois of Isca Wines, Jack Surplus of SnaccDiaries

Everyone just wants to educate and discover together in this community, with no catch or cue… just a good old fashioned love for wine!

So the next time you’re heading out to the shops to get yourself a nice cheap bottle of wine for the evening, just step back and take serious consideration about the natural option instead.

Yes it may be more expensive and yes that indie wine shop might be an extra 15 mins away from your house but it’s so much more worth it;

Pay the price,

Make that journey,

It will be worth it.

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