Five Natural Wine Bars/Shops You Need to Visit in Manchester

The natural wine scene is growing every single day up here in the North West of England.

So I’m giving you my top five rated natural wine bars and shops here in Manchester.

When you feel like the time is right, and you are comfortable with the present social distancing measures I encourage you to indulge on this list.

Get yourself exploring each one of these wine bars and you’ll be guaranteed to find a new favourite wine bar in Manny!

Isca Wines, Levenshulme

Isca was started up by two ladies who were well-equipped to delve into the natural wine world, Caroline Dubois and Isobel Jenkins.

Caroline previously handpicked the wine list at the prestigious Restaurant Where The Light Gets In based in Stockport for many years, becoming well known in both Manchester and the UK for her exclusively natural wine cellar(which was unheard of in the UK no more than 10 years ago!).

Isobel has been cooking up a storm for many years around Manchester working up a very impressive rec sheet in the industry. Not to mention that she’s also the proud owner of the critically acclaimed supper club Season’s Eatings (definitely check her out on Instagram, great content.).

Then these two whizz kids of the hospitality industry in Manchester have put their creative minds together, and as a result?

Isca Wines is born, after a series of pop ups around the city and 10/10 reviews it only made sense that Isca turned into an all year-round wine spot.

Call it a hole in the wall, a wine bar, a natural wine shop, a deli, you name it and they’ve managed to cover it in this quaint and intimate space they got in Levenshulme village. The experience in Isca is like no other, their wine selection is off the charts thanks to Carolines savy euro-connections and possibly the most unique in the country.

And the fresh food to either have to-go or to eat in is to die for, whipped up by yours truly…Isobel Jenkins of course.

A must-visit location that’s an integral part of the natural wine scene here in Manchester.

Erst, Ancoats

Erst, Ancoats Manchester

When you’re looking for a harmonious experience between food and wine Erst has to be your go-to spot, without a doubt.

Just to set the tone for you, Erst is the birthchild of Trove in Manchester, which is arguably the best organic bakery in the city…

But let’s talk about Erst right now!

Firstly, the modern feng shui when you walk through the front doors is just cool as fuck. And to be warmly welcomed every single time you walk in the door not only by the host but also by the team of chefs working their ass off across the way is a special feeling.

The whole ethos of Erst is to only use natural/organic products and ingredients, stemming from their organic roots in Trove. This ethos sits perfectly with the outstanding natural wine selection Erst has at the bar.

Oh, and while we’re talking about the bar, do yourself a favour and grab a quick bar snack next to a glass of something fresh and juicy. Erst is probably the best spot in the city centre for a bar snack joined by a 10/10 glass of natural wine!

Idle Hands Coffee, Northern Quarter

Idle Hands Coffee in the Northern Quarter of Manchester is one of the true hidden gems of Manchester if you’re looking for bottles of natural wine.

Idle Hands NQ is not just your average coffee shop

As you can tell by the name Idle Hands is mainly a coffee shop by trade with some of the most stunning cakes and pies Manchester has to offer. But if you take an immediate 90-degree turn while you’re at the till, you’ll find yourself two very special looking stand a lone display units.

Guess what they’re displaying…

You guessed it! Bottles upon bottles of bangin natural wine.

It’s so low-key and not monetized I absolutely love it! Their selection also seems to change monthly at Idle Hands so things are constantly updating with the times.

The coffee/bottle shop model is a thing of the future in my opinion and these guys seemed to have nailed the concept on the head.

So get yourself down to Idle Hands for a relaxing cuppa joe next to a slice of vegan tart (which are amazingly good!!) & don’t forget to cop that fruit juice-looking bottle of natural wine on your way out.

Another Heart To Feed, NQ and Burton Road

Come check us out for brunch, coffee and booze

Another Heart To Feeds Instagram Bio

And that I did!

I’ve been hearing quite a few whispers recently about this new spot in the Northern Quarter of Manchester regarding their natural wine selection.

Obviously, I had to go check it out strictly for the purposes of you the reader.

And I can now assure you that it’s a VIBE in this place, wow! Everything inside and out is aesthetically spot on;

The green tropical-like plants surrounding the entire area, the 10/10 music selection (which I was u shamefully bobbing along to), the fantastic table service and of course, the natural wine selection.

The sheer sight of the bottles lined up next to each other lit perfectly by the dim lights hung up above and taped below is just dreamy.

Another Heart To Feed is quite literally still getting their toes were in terms of business and I would urge you to go pop your head in and show a bit of support to get them off the ground.

You won’t be disappointed.

Batch Deli, Kings Court Altrincham

Opening day class picture!

Like most on this list, Batch Deli is a newcomer to the natural wine scene in Manchester. They had just opened the doors in March for a matter of days before the pandemic lockdown went into full effect, unfortunately this was just bad timing and it’s only now within the last month or two that they’re really starting to hit it off and grow into their potential.

So let’s get into the details;

Batch Deli is ran by a couple of gods in the UK craft beer scene called Chris and Will, long story short the boys fell in love with the Sopranos years ago and everything about it(obviously apart from the mob-like mentality, more so aesthetically).

After successfully opening a craft beer bottle shop next door to a vacant unit Chris and Will decided to have at one of there very own Sopranos/Satrialles-inspired classic styled delis.

Now put a modern-day natural wine-infused spin on it and you’ve got yourself Batch Deli.

Roey (the operator) and Chris (the man behind the plan)

The wine selection at the Deli is classical and for all the right reasons. You’ve got a great Pét-Nat choice ranging from Austrian rosés to South African hazy whites. Needless to mention the famously English ran Tillingham wines also has a slot on the shelf.

There’s then your well-known and loved varietals such as Zweigelts from Austria stood next to a couple of dazzling bottles of Thirst from Radford & Dale.

And of course, if we’re going to talk about a deli you need to check out Batch’s meat and cheese boards, they go hand in hand with the wine selection and truly add to the whole experience of a classic NY deli.

And that’s a wrap for this week folks!

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