It’s Hot as F@#k Outside, Chill Your Red Wine!

That certainly caught your attention, didn’t it?

you’re off the wall Eoghan, who drinks red wine on a thirty degree, Summers day!??

And I’m sure the red Burgundy lovers out there are tweaking with rage as they read this title. (hehehe)

But you know what? Who cares what they think, let’s just continue being the legendary innovators that we are and block out all that extra noise!

After all, by chilling our red wines, we’re simply just breaking a stereotypical, dated ’tradition’.

Technically you can chill whatever kind of natural red wine you like.

But to be frank with you this trick only properly works with light-bodied, acidity focused varietals like your Gamays from Beaujolais, some Grenaches and worldwide Pinot Noirs as they are just so versatile.

Let me explain briefly, the mindblowing sensation of a chilled, light red wine going down your mouth on a warm Summers afternoon is a very special experience that takes ’refreshing’ to a whole new level!

Please don’t get too excited as I nearly am writing this? First, we need to talk about the red wines of this world that don’t suit being chilled, regardless of the record temperatures outside.

What Reds Not To Chill and Why

Basically, you don’t wanna chill red varietals that have a high tannin profile.

It’s that simple!

What exactly are high tannin profiled red wines?

You’ve got Cabernet Sauvignon and big Merlots to give you two examples, both varieties have high tannic profiles which means they have a tendency to be on the bitter and astringent side.

Both taste profiles from these kind of red wines really don’t match up with a chilled temperature, you’re better of keeping big tannic wines for a crisp winter night by the fire!

But don’t write off big-bodied red wines completely, big wines like Syrahs and Merlots take well to being chilled. Just note that when chilling wines as such, you’ll only need to have them in the fridge for 30 mins that’ll be just enough time to get them up to the perfect temperature.

Now let me big up chilled natural red wine!

Why Chill Them?

As I sip on a glass of chilled 2019 Garnacha, I too ask myself the same question, why?

One word instantly jumps out of the glass;


On a roasting hot summer day as a human being, you instinctively want a cool and refreshing beverage by your side at all times. It’s almost too warm to be drinking full pints of beer, and that chardonnay you’ve got in the fridge just ain’t cutting it no more.

That’s when you turn to a chilled bottle of red, it’s a true life hack! And i’m going to let you in on a little secret of the natural wine world,

When you chill your lighter-bodied reds it concentrates everything about the fruit you’re sipping on, from the aromas, to the taste profile and even the body itself. And for me, it makes drinking red wine a little more fun and that’s a major element we all need to focus on within the world of natural wines.

Chilling your red wine especially if it’s natural is a delightful experience that you need to try.

Not only can you embrace it on a hot summers day but it’s also very effective after a long night shift that you cannot wait to be finished with.

Just remember, the lighter-bodied reds can stay chilling for longer and the bigger the body, the less time spent chilling in your fridge or ice bucket.

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