Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio: What’s The Difference?

Have you ever found yourself feeling stupid or misinformed for not knowing the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio? Should you prefer Pinot Gris over Pinot Grigio, or does that even matter? Well, you are not alone. Every wine drinker has asked themselves the same question for years now. Pinot Gris and Pinot GrigioContinue reading “Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio: What’s The Difference?”

How To Buy Natural Wine

You have no shortage of options when it comes to buying natural wine these days – Wine delivery, buying wine online, signing up to a natural wine subscription or even the ‘old fashioned’ way of going into a wine store and speaking to a pro. Although, when you’re buying Natural Wine you’d be better offContinue reading “How To Buy Natural Wine”

Pét-Nat Wine and Chilled Reds | The Ins and Outs of Natural Wines Darlings

Pét-Nats (Pétillant Naturels) and chilled red wines are popping off right now in terms of interest and demand. Natural wine is a movement that is not going anywhere anytime soon it seems to be and natural sparkling pét-nats alongside chilled out, light-bodied reds are what hobbyists and fans are exactly after this summer and beyondContinue reading “Pét-Nat Wine and Chilled Reds | The Ins and Outs of Natural Wines Darlings”

Natural Wine Finally Certified in France, Here’s Why

Vin Méthode Nature is the new official certification for natural wine from France, curated by the ‘Union for Defence of Natural Wines’ – an association of winemakers, merchants and consumers, founded by Loire Valley winemaker – Jacques Carroget. For an industry that’s built its ethos around rulebreaking, these proposed set of rules definitely seemed toContinue reading “Natural Wine Finally Certified in France, Here’s Why”

It’s Hot as F@#k Outside, Chill Your Red Wine!

That certainly caught your attention, didn’t it? you’re off the wall Eoghan, who drinks red wine on a thirty degree, Summers day!?? And I’m sure the red Burgundy lovers out there are tweaking with rage as they read this title. (hehehe) But you know what? Who cares what they think, let’s just continue being theContinue reading “It’s Hot as F@#k Outside, Chill Your Red Wine!”

Five Natural Wine Bars/Shops You Need to Visit in Manchester

The natural wine scene is growing every single day up here in the North West of England. So I’m giving you my top five rated natural wine bars and shops here in Manchester. When you feel like the time is right, and you are comfortable with the present social distancing measures I encourage you toContinue reading “Five Natural Wine Bars/Shops You Need to Visit in Manchester”

Natural Wine Is Here To Stay, Heres Why

The example you’re about to get on shop-bought conventional wine is exactly why natural wine is here to stay! Do you ever think about the number of chemicals in that glass of wine you had last night from Tesco? Ben Panko from SmithsonianMag adds to the topic, Most people don’t realise how much chemistry goesContinue reading “Natural Wine Is Here To Stay, Heres Why”

Here’s Why You Need a Natural Wine Monthly Subscription

If you were out in a restaurant or a bar you would trust your waiter/bartender to carefully hand pick your wine for the night right? Of course you would, because they are the professional (most of the time) in the field of selecting wines and they know what they’re doing. Now in terms of aContinue reading “Here’s Why You Need a Natural Wine Monthly Subscription”

Behind The Wine with Davide Gentile of Lammidia

Today you are getting an engaging breakaway into the charming life of Davide Gentile, Davide is one part-owner alongside Marco Giuliani of the very well established natural winery ’Lammidia based in Abruzzo, Italy. David and Marco have been making world-class wines at Lammidia since 2014 and I have no doubt in my mind you willContinue reading “Behind The Wine with Davide Gentile of Lammidia”

This Italian Region Produces Classic Natural Wines

We now live in a very different world to the one we knew pre-2020, especially when it comes to international travel and holidays, you’re even more concerned about your health, which is understandable! I’m sure you don’t feel as comfortable boarding a full plane to a major city like Rome or Milan anymore do you?Continue reading “This Italian Region Produces Classic Natural Wines”