Jules Chauvet

Ever wondered who came up with the idea of naturalness in wine?

Jules Chauvet is the answer,

The official Godfather of natural wine.

Follow the post bellow for a short, but detailed write-up on the man responsible for natural wine!

Top 10 Natural Wines of 2020

Wines of minimal human-intervention background, with nothing added to or taken away from including orange wines, pet-nats and chillable red wine Photos & words by Natural Swill’s low-intervention wine expert – Eoghan Neburagho Pet-Nats Costadila Vini, ‘280 slm’ — Veneto, Italy With Glera, Verdiso and Bianchetta grapes which are all indigenous to the region as well as theContinue reading “Top 10 Natural Wines of 2020”


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