‘Rain’ by Patrick Sullivan

🍇 Cabernet Franc & Pinot Gris📍Gippsland, Victoria 🇦🇺 Without a doubt my all time favourite natural wine, as of right now anyway. I managed to first get my hands on a bottle of Pat’s Rain during my short stay in Australia a couple years back and it was this bottle alongside one or two othersContinue reading “‘Rain’ by Patrick Sullivan”

The Exact Moment Natural Wine Changed My Life

Have you ever been introduced to something completely alien to you, something you’ve never heard of before that’s swept you off your feet in a whirlwind of emotions and feelings? Maybe it was the first time you heard of and bought a certain clothing brand that fits your body size like a glove. It couldContinue reading “The Exact Moment Natural Wine Changed My Life”

It’s Hot as F@#k Outside, Chill Your Red Wine!

That certainly caught your attention, didn’t it? you’re off the wall Eoghan, who drinks red wine on a thirty degree, Summers day!?? And I’m sure the red Burgundy lovers out there are tweaking with rage as they read this title. (hehehe) But you know what? Who cares what they think, let’s just continue being theContinue reading “It’s Hot as F@#k Outside, Chill Your Red Wine!”

Natural Wine Is Here To Stay, Heres Why

The example you’re about to get on shop-bought conventional wine is exactly why natural wine is here to stay! Do you ever think about the number of chemicals in that glass of wine you had last night from Tesco? Ben Panko from SmithsonianMag adds to the topic, Most people don’t realise how much chemistry goesContinue reading “Natural Wine Is Here To Stay, Heres Why”

Behind The Wine with Valentina Passalacqua

Behind the wine is a series of interviews at Natural Swill whereby each edition will be a personal interview with a different winemaker in the natural wine industry. Designed to create a more wholesome connection between the winemaker and you the drinker. Today I’m going to open the gates for you to an oasis ofContinue reading “Behind The Wine with Valentina Passalacqua”

The Ultimate Guide to Sparkling Wine (Pét-Nats)

The overwhelming sensation of fizz washing around your mouth, that bone dry feeling after you painstakingly swallow and a half-arsed attempt to sing happy birthday to your just turned 40 aunt Betty. Exactly what springs to mind when you think of sparkling wine right? Well, sit tight. Here at Natural Swill, we love all thingsContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Sparkling Wine (Pét-Nats)”

Organic Products Are The Way To Go in 2020

During an unprecedented health crisis like the one we are in, you realise the things that really matter in life, paying close attention to and improving your health. Organic products (including natural wine of course) are the way to go in this new life we face where health & well-being matter more than anything else.Continue reading “Organic Products Are The Way To Go in 2020”