Top 10 Natural Wines of 2020

Wines of minimal human-intervention background, with nothing added to or taken away from including orange wines, pet-nats and chillable red wine Photos & words by Natural Swill’s low-intervention wine expert – Eoghan Neburagho Pet-Nats Costadila Vini, ‘280 slm’ — Veneto, Italy With Glera, Verdiso and Bianchetta grapes which are all indigenous to the region as well as theContinue reading “Top 10 Natural Wines of 2020”

The Ultimate Guide to Sparkling Wine (Pét-Nats)

The overwhelming sensation of fizz washing around your mouth, that bone dry feeling after you painstakingly swallow and a half-arsed attempt to sing happy birthday to your just turned 40 aunt Betty. Exactly what springs to mind when you think of sparkling wine right? Well, sit tight. Here at Natural Swill, we love all thingsContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Sparkling Wine (Pét-Nats)”